Radio RIP Lite 5.0

Source:Spartacus Rex

Listen to and record your favourite MP3 streaming internet radio stations.

Radio RIP allows you to listen to and record your favourite internet radio stations, with multiple simultaneous channels and a start/stop timer system.

Features :-
- Compatible with most MP3 streams, including Shoutcast and Icecast.
- Store .mp3 files directly to SD Card with correct editable ID3 tags.
- Unlimited stations can be ripped simultaneously, allthough 2/3 is probably the max your phone can handle.
- Unlimited recording sessions can be stored and played back.
- Timers can be set to start and stop streams whenever you like.
- Daily or Weekly scheduler.
- Open any .pls file on your device or download straight from the internet.
- Add urls manually.
- Music streams broken down into individual MP3 tracks.

Radio RIP has a simple gui and is an easy program to use. Lessons learned from previous versions, have all been taken into account.


LITE RESTRICTIONS : The Lite version works in the same way but has a max 60MB per session limit and 8 streams total max. No MP3 Store. Re-Playback is unaffected.

TROUBLE : Every effort is made to ensure a bug-free application. If you do encounter a problem - SEND ME AN EMAIL! and I'll fix it. Write a harsh comment with no real info and I'll stumble around in the dark trying to find the bug - psychically. Your choice.

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